How do I enroll in Medicare?

How Do I Enroll in Medicare?

People often ask “how do I enroll in Medicare?”  Enrollment in Medicare can be a very easy process.  Medicare A and B enrollment will be taken care by the Federal Government if you’re enrolling in Social Security at the same time.

If you’re putting off Social Security at this time and are going to be enrolling in Medicare because of your 65th birthday, then you need to be proactive in your enrollment. The simplest was way is to go online to the Medicare website which is and can click on the link to enroll in Part A and Part B of Medicare.

It’s recommended to do this about 90 days prior to your 65th birthday in order to receive your identification cards and have all your information in place. This will allow you to then enroll in a Supplement or Advantage Plan or Prescription Drug Plan.

You also can contact the local Social Security Office who can facilitate enrollment in Part A and Part B of Medicare. This should be done 90 days prior to your actual Medicare eligibility date. This is the first of the month in which you turn 65, or the previous month if your birthday is the 1st of the month.

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