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VAST Health

Break free from the status quo.

You just received your health insurance renewal. Does it sting? How are you going to keep up with these trends when rates continue to go up?

You have one of two options...find a money tree nearby, or use the profits from your health plan.

Wait....profits from a health plan? Does that even exist?

We'll get into how it works, but first let's identify the problem:

Health insurance has become extremely expensive for businesses and employees.
Health insurance has become incredibly profitable for the healthcare and insurance industries.

What employers typically do to control costs:

Shop Insurance Carriers
Shift Costs to Employees

What's the Secret?

To control the cost of PREMIUM, you control the cost of CARE.

The secret to controlling the cost of care is knowing your health care financing options. This information is extremely important in your ability to impact the cost of care and claims.


VAST Health

The VAST Health philosophy disrupts the status quo by giving employers / employees the transparent tools, strategy and support they need to control the cost and quality of health care and claims.

VAST Health

Underwriting | Actuarial Services

Our actuarial expertise helps our mid-market employers to significantly reduce claims frequency & severity through concentrated risk analysis.


Through the PBM Coalition, we leverage our size and industry experience to negotiate best-in-class contracts with the leading PBMs to bring innovation and value to every client.

Medical Management

Our team provides oversight on claims activities with our clients to ensure no duplicate bills, removal of egregious charges from providers, and steerage to the highest and lowest cost facilities if needed.

Care Navigation

We help your employees find high value provider options, and educate members on how to use their incentive-based plan design wisely.

Client Success Stories

I wanted to drop you a line to share my great appreciation for the team of WA Group. The meeting yesterday with the team was indicative of the strength of WA Group. I look forward to introducing our staff to a group that offers unmatched expertise and impeccable customer service. Like WA Group, we focus on best practices and embrace our industry with solid resolve to help people. I have a meeting tomorrow with area residential providers and day service agencies and look forward to bragging about the change PossAbilities has made in benefits management.

Sue Mackert, Executive Director of PossAbilities

Prescription Drug Carve-out |
Plan Visibility

Client Savings:

$3.4 million

Fully-Insured to Self-Insured | Prescription Drug Program

Client Savings:


Transition from PEO | Incentivize High Quality, Low Cost Care

Client Savings:


Get Peace of Mind, Work with One Agency

Having one agency handling all of your insurance needs allows you to gain both convenience and peace of mind in knowing your insurance is being managed effectively.

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