Employee Benefits Plan Administration

We operate as an extension of your business by creating, managing and updating your organization's employee benefits program.
WA Group Employee Benefits Plan Administration

Administrative Outsourcing


For some companies, outsourcing various benefits administrative tasks may be more efficient than handling them in-house, or may even be necessary due to a lack of time, resources or expertise.

WA Group has benefits plan administration expertise from Fully Insured Health Plans to Consortium/Captive Health Plans and everything in between.

Let us handle what we do best, so you can handle what you do best!

Service Team

Employee Benefits

Our Employee Benefits Consultants design employee benefits plans based on the employer’s business objectives and needs of the employees.

Employee Benefits Account Executives

Our Account Executives are the health plan facilitators and educators responsible for implementing the strategies designed in
the employee benefits plan.

Employee Benefits Account Managers

Our Account Managers are the day-to-day contacts responsible for handling all requests including researching and identifying
the right resources.

Employee Benefits Education Coach

Our Education Coach will assist your employees with strategizing, implementing, and managing the VAST University employee education process and platform.

Employee Benefits Implementation Manager

Our Implementation Manager is the navigator of the Human Resource Information System which provides an enhanced and customized employer and employee experience.

Get Peace of Mind, Work with One Agency

Multiple insurance policies are often needed to ensure you, your family and your assets are protected. It is not uncommon to have insurance policies protecting your home, automobile, business, health, life, and property among many others. Having one agency handling all of your insurance needs allows you to gain both convenience and peace of mind in knowing your insurance is being managed effectively.