It all begins with a conversation. A conversation centered on you, your family and your business.
Plan Smart is our way of getting to know you. Every person and business has a story and we think it's critical to know yours.


To Live Big means knowing that you are covered. It means knowing that the things that matter most to you will be protected.
Together we identify your potential risks, system breakdowns and vulnerabilities. Solving these gives you peace of mind, allowing you to pursue those big dreams in life.


We help you develop a plan - a smart one. It might be in the form of insurance, risk mitigation or strategic planning.
It's more than a quote, it's more than premium, it's understanding you and developing a plan that lets you Live Big.


We are an independent insurance and risk management organization representing many of the world's leading insurance companies, therefore we can provide you with the options and pricing that are right for you, without the hassle of shopping around on your own.  Managing your day to day risk is more than purchasing insurance policies, it's about preventing losses and protecting your valuable assets. 

From helping young individuals and couples, to protecting the lives of families and retirees, we have the expertise and products that will make life more secure.  Our personal insurance professionals can help reduce your risk by assisting you in choosing the right elements of coverage. 

Our Personal Insurance specialties include:

• Home Insurance
• Auto Insurance
• Motorcycle Insurance
• Recreational Vehicle Insurance
• Watercraft Insurance
• Life Insurance
• Disability Insurance
• Long Term Care Insurance

Personal INSURANCEYou Can Trust