We are leaders in the manufacturing space with the trusted expertise to deliver the best possible solutions for the wide array of challenges you face as a manufacturing industry professional.

Manufacturing's Risk Management Needs

Manufacturers face a complex set of risk management challenges, and the industry continues to develop and advance creating new potential for risk exposure. Managing a manufacturing operation is a no small feat, which is why it is essential for manufacturing professionals to secure the proper coverage that goes beyond standard commercial risk.

Have Confidence in Our Expertise

We understand there are distinct differences between each manufacturing risk - from plastics, to lumber, to concrete, and everything in between - and our specialists have the experience to handle your unique needs.

Our team of manufacturing advisors are educated on the emerging challenges in this industry. With our VAST Risk Management process, we are prepared to review your current program and develop comprehensive risk management solutions to protect your business, workforce, and products today and well into the future.

Products and Services

Between protecting yourself, your workers, and your company, we have you covered with comprehensive insurance and risk management solutions to give you peace of mind, so you can focus on what you do best.
  • Asset protection

  • Auto / fleet safety risk
  • Broadened premises coverage

  • Business continuity
  • Contingent supplier business interruption

  • Data privacy & security

  • Employee health and safety

  • Environmental

  • Equipment

  • Executive

  • International

  • Inventory selling price valuation

  • Loss adjustment insurance

  • Patterns, dies, molds
  • Plant closures

  • Product liability

  • Product recall coverage

  • Property and casualty

  • Prototype coverage

  • Regulatory / government risk

  • Supply chain risk
  • Trade show insurance

  • Workers' compensation

Get Peace of Mind, Work with One Agency

Multiple insurance policies are often needed to ensure you, your family and your assets are protected. It is not uncommon to have insurance policies protecting your home, automobile, business, health, life, and property among many others. Having one agency handling all of your insurance needs allows you to gain both convenience and peace of mind in knowing your insurance is being managed effectively.