Minneapolis–Saint Paul New Homeowner’s Guide

Get coverage and protect the things that mean the most to you.

Becoming a new homeowner in Minneapolis-Saint Paul is exciting, nerve racking, stressful, and can also be a blur of quick judgement calls. But as long as you have great coverage for your home and your assets, if anything goes wrong – you’re protected.

Getting homeowner’s insurance in Minneapolis or surrounding cities in Minnesota should start with a call to WA Group, at 507-452-3366. With a quick phone call, our team can help guide you with a range of insurance policies for your home, auto, umbrella and even businesses.

WA Group has served Minnesotans for over 128 years, and we understand what it means to be covered – and we also know the pains of moving. So once you’ve got coverage, you can kick off the next step to being a homeowner in Minneapolis-Saint Paul

Clean before you move.

Once the deed is signed and you’re a new homeowner, the best strategy is to go over to the new house and clean it. Whether it’s been recently cleaned or it’s been sitting empty on the market for years, giving it a once over helps with a few key pieces to this strategy:

1. You’re not moving things into a dusty or dirty area when you move in.

2. You’ll change out the air filter and water filter, clean the fans and toilets, and the house will feel as fresh as a brand new home should feel.

3. You can plan where things are going to go without them being in the way. D. You can find a safe, clean place, to store your valuables.

Purge before you pack.

Even if the home you’re about to move into has twice the space the place you’re currently living in, there are things you’ve been storing that you don’t need. This is the perfect time to get rid of them. Sell them in a garage sale, on facebook marketplace or even craigslist – just be mindful people online aren’t always what they seem to be.

Getting rid of that old, smelly couch, or throwing out the stack of VHS tapes of every Disney movie and Rambo 2, will make the move easier because you’ll have less stuff – and you don’t need nor use any of it any more anyway. Let it go. Being a new homeowner shouldn’t mean you have to store old stuff – sell it, donate it, recycle it, etc.

Unbox quickly and get settled.

A lot of new homeowners suffer through living out of boxes when they first move into a home, and it’s typically because they didn’t clean and plan a spot first – or because they decided to move everything off the truck and “unbox” after. That plan is convenient, but actually makes

things so much harder for you in the end. It’s a full core workout to unload a truck with speed, and most people don’t have the stamina to do that and unload at one time. So pace yourself.

Just unpack as the boxes come off the truck, you’ve got time. Plus, if you followed the steps above, you already know where the important things go, it’s already clean, and you don’t have crap you don’t need any more. So this should be easy… ish. Yes, moving is hard, but you can do it!

Take photos and videos.

So it’s all moved in. Take photos of your rooms, of your things, of everything. This is a proud moment, you’re all settled in – capture the moment. This will record a memory of your new home for years to come, but more importantly it will be a record in case anything ever happens at your home – like flood, fire, heavy winds, etc.

Should anything be damaged, ruined or lost, you’re covered with great homeowner’s insurance because you followed step 1. And we mean it when we say, we know homeowners coverage. So if you made it all the way down here without following step 1, this is a great time to give us a call at our Saint Paul–Minneapolis location at 651-489-4119, or find us 1740 Rice St., Ste. 200 in Saint Paul.

Sit back and relax, you made it.

Congrats on this big move and becoming a new homeowner in Minneapolis–Saint Paul. We wish you and yours happiness, health and lots of wonderful memories in your home. And we look forward to protecting you, your home and your assets for years to come.

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