Benefits of Working with One Insurance Agency

Insurance is essential to your financial well-being. It can serve as a life jacket when you need it and is often one of your largest expenses. The insurance marketplace can be both complex and overwhelming and is often an uncomfortable topic to talk about. Having one agency handling all of your insurance needs allows you to gain both convenience and peace of mind in knowing your insurance is being managed effectively.

Multiple insurance policies are often needed to ensure you and your family are protected and to protect your assets from liability exposure. It is not uncommon for Americans to have insurance policies protecting their home, automobile, business, health, life, and property among many others. Every family has unique circumstances, and the right insurance policy will help meet your needs at all of life’s stages.


There are several reasons you should consider keeping all of your policies under one agency, and convenience is at the top of the list. Dealing with one agency simply makes your life simpler. When a disaster hits or questions arise, having one place to contact means you only call one agency. If it is necessary to file an insurance claim, paperwork will be minimal in comparison to filing claims with multiple agencies. Also, if one agency handles all of your insurance needs, it simplifies questioning or second-guessing who holds which policy for all family members.

Reduces Risk

Supplementing your basic liability policies with an umbrella policy is a way to protect your assets from an unforeseen event. Having one agency handling all of your policies helps reduce the risk of having the wrong underlying limits. In addition, one agency helps make certain there is a congruence of coverage. This lowers the chance of an umbrella policy not covering what a primary policy covers and lessens the chance of a gap in coverage.

When any new primary exposures occur, the company’s umbrella department would be aware of such new exposures, and this improves the likelihood of any claims being covered by both policies. It is the responsibility of an umbrella insurer to notify all agencies to make necessary coverage changes when new exposures occur. When there are multiple agencies involved, there is a chance of miscommunication and a lap in coverage.

It is wise to leave all of the mentioned responsibilities in the hands of an insurance expert who is familiar with all your insurance needs. Using multiple agencies only increases the risk of errors and the likelihood of your insurance needs not being met when you need them.

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