Preventing Premium Audit Errors

Unfortunately, Workers Compensation Premium Audit Errors occur all the time.

10 Common Mistakes

  1. EMOD was incorrect

  2. Credits or modifiers accidentally removed

  3. Comp rates change

  4. Incorrect Job Class

  5. Charged for subcontractors

  6. Payroll does not match

  7. Worksheets not provided by the auditor

  8. Separation or Payroll not allowed

  9. Large additional premiums

  10. No physical audit

Building a Premium Audit Overchargeproof Package

Here are 3 tips to build a premium audit overcharge-proof package.

  • Review your payroll
  • Ensure you have copies of your subcontractors’ certificates fo insurance
  • Know your classification codes

How do you prevent premium audit errors?

Find out more in our quick video below then contact us to discuss getting a handle on your workers compensation.

Premium Audit: Turn Work Comp Overcharges into Bottom Line Profit

How do you prevent premium audit errors? Find out more in our quick video.

Posted by WA Group on Wednesday, September 12, 2018


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