How Can WA Group Help Navigate Medicare Needs?

How Can WA Group Help Navigate Medicare Needs?

People often ask “How can WA Group help me navigate my Medicare needs?

There’s an abundance of information that’s being fed to you to entice you into buying a Medicare plan. Information like, print ads, mailings, television spots, and radio commercials.

That’s where the WA Group can really help you navigate your Medicare needs. We sit down with you and assess your needs. Are you going to be traveling, where do you doctor at, what’s your medical situation, what kind of prescriptions are you purchasing? Rather than trying to figure it out yourself, you can work with somebody at the WA Group who can assist you in that service.

We don’t charge you an additional fee because every plan already has a commission built into the rates. You’re going to pay the same rate whether you work with an agent or on your own.  It makes sense to work with someone that can help you during the initial process, but also at renewal time to see if your needs have changed or if any updates need to be made.

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