Should I sign up for Medicare when I turn 65 if I’m going to continue to work?

Should I Sign Up for Medicare at 65 If I’m Going to Continue to Work?

People often ask “should I sign up for Medicare at 65 if I’m going to continue to work?

It depends on the situation and the options that you have through other coverage. If your employer has less than 20 employees, Medicare A and B would be primary for you. If you do not enroll in Part A and Part B of Medicare when you turn 65 you could be penalized later when you do enroll.

Medicare A and B would be secondary to an employer-sponsored plan if you work for an employer that has more than 20 employees. There really isn’t a disadvantage to enrolling in Part A of Medicare. It doesn’t cost anything and it’s basically a secondary insurance to an employer-sponsored plan. However, there is a premium for Part B of Medicare which is determined on your income.

Remember, once you enroll in Medicare you are no longer able to make HSA contributions if you’re covered under an employer-sponsored high deductible health plan.

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