What does Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B Cover?

What do Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B Cover?

Enrollment in Part A and Part B of Medicare, referred to as original Medicare, provides a comprehensive benefits package. However, there are things that Part A and Part B of Medicare do not cover. These items include deductibles under Part A and Part B and coinsurance under Part B.

There are also no services for outpatient prescription drugs, so having Part A and Part B of Medicare doesn’t cover all your medical expenses.

Therefore, most people buy some type of Medicare Supplement or stand-alone prescription drug plan. Others could purchase a Medicare Advantage or Cost Plan depending on the county in which they live.

In a nutshell, Medicare A and B provide a comprehensive benefit, but don’t provide complete coverage that most people need.

When you’re looking at a Medicare option make sure that it’s providing you the benefits that you’re looking for, and the benefits that you’re going to need in the future.

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