Non-Profit Event Insurance

If you run a non-profit, chances are you schedule special events throughout the year to help raise funds for your organization. Events may range from awareness walks and marathons to trade fairs, golf outings, bike rallies, weddings, fundraising luncheons and dinners and more. If these events aren’t covered under your organization’s liability policy, you’ll need non-profit event insurance. Before organizing a special event, talk to an agent from WA Group about event insurance.

How Does Event Insurance Protect Your Non-Profit?

Event insurance protects your non-profit against liability claims and lawsuits that may arise due to accidental injuries that occur at your event. If a guest were to slip and fall and wind up in the hospital with a fractured ankle, events insurance will help pay for his or her medical costs. If you’re found liable for the accident and the guest decides to sue for damages, event insurance will cover your organization’s legal expenses and settlement, up to the limits on your policy.

Event insurance protects your non-profit against accidental injuries and property damage that may occur at any events you sponsor. If your non-profit organizes events on a regular basis for fundraising or to accomplish specific goals, it can greatly benefit from the protection that non-profit event insurance has to offer. Lack of protection could cause your non-profit substantial financial loss in the event of a lawsuit.

What Kind of Protection Does Event Insurance Provide?

Event insurance covers three main areas:

Property Damage – Even if you take precautions, there’s always the risk of accidents. If an accident at one of your events causes damage to a guest’s property, your event insurance will cover repair or replacement costs.

Bodily Injury – Unfortunately, injuries are fairly common at special events, making this coverage a must. Event insurance covers medical expenses of accidental injuries that occur at your event so these costs don’t have to come out-of-pocket.

Liquor Liability – If you serve alcohol at any of your events, you can benefit from liquor liability protection. This coverage protects your non-profit against liquor-related liability claims to include accidents, fights, assaults, etc. In the event of a lawsuit, this coverage can save you tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees, legal investigations, court fees, pain and suffering, and damages.

Before your non-profit schedules its events for the holidays, talk to WA Group about non-profit event insurance. We will customize an event insurance policy to suit your organization’s specific needs. The cost of event insurance varies depending on the type of events your organization plans, the number of guests you expect to attend and whether your event will be serving alcohol. Some policies limit the number of events covered and set a maximum figure on the number of participants to reduce liability risks. We’ll guide you to a policy that offers the protection you need at reasonable costs.

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