3 Reasons Why It’s More Expensive to Not Have Homeowners Insurance

Catastrophic Losses / Accidents

They said it’s always better to be safe than sorry. While having a catastrophic loss to your home is very rare and unlikely, it is always safer to have homeowners insurance. Let’s (unfortunately) imagine your home was caught in a fire and there was not a single thing left behind, and you do not have homeowners insurance. The cost to cover your home + your valuables would be so significantly higher than the amount you would pay monthly or on your deductible. Consider it money well spent.

Future Insurability

When you have had insurance for a long period of time – without canceling and changing your plan – you present yourself as stable and reliable, which is what insurance companies look for when creating your plan. With that said, when you have not been insured for a very long time and you’re suddenly interested in home insurance, it makes the insurance company suspicious. Ultimately, this could lead you to paying a lower rate if you have consistently been a homeowners insurance policyholder and a higher rate if you wait too long.

Liability Coverage

Almost all homeowners insurance policies have liability coverage, and if you don’t have liability coverage, you could be sued which would cost much more than an insurance policy. 

Let’s say for example that you know there’s a crack in your driveway that has caused a bump someone could trip on, and you haven’t fixed it yet. You order delivery for your Friday night in and the delivery man trips in your driveway on the crack and breaks his arm. He could sue you for the break, and you will now be responsible to cover his medical bills.

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