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Executive Risk

Company leaders, officers and directors are responsible for making decisions that impact a business long-term. However, the opportunity for greater rewards also carries significant liability exposure.

While a senior executive position brings many rewards, it also carries substantial risks that put your financial net worth at stake. Expect that every decision that you make as an executive has the potential to be scrutinized by clients, employees, shareholders, and other executives. Stakeholders may file a lawsuit if they believe a decision you made adversely affected their best interests. Transferring this risk to an insurance company needs to be considered. 

Director's and Officers Liability

D&O Liability offers coverage for many different corporate exposures while including protection for the individual's personal assets and the organization's balance sheet. To help protect both your officers and the company's well-being, a D&O policy is part of a comprehensive risk financing strategy.

Employment Practices Liability

Employment-related lawsuits are an emerging concern for employers of all sizes. As costs for litigation and damage awards increase, experts forsee that employment liability will become more complex. It is critical for business owners to understand their exposures and options for managing risks.

Cyber Risk

Organizations are reliant on the Internet for daily operations, creating attractive and lucrative targets for cyber criminals. With such reliance on computers, protecting these resources has become  essential. A data breach could cripple your business, costing you thousands or millions of dollars in lost sales and/or damages.

Fiduciary Liability

Employee benefits are a key piece of the job market today. To employers, excellent benefits like health care and retirement funding are an essential for attracting committed, quality workers. Sometimes though, problems arise even when programs are set up with the best of intentions. Since a business's assets and managerial experience can vary widely, fiduciary insurance must be tailor-made for each company.

Crime Coverage

Crime insurance addresses the most common fidelity threats, including losses due to employee dishonesty, credit card forgery, computer fraud, computer theft and disappearance, and destruction of property. Crime insurance provides coverage that falls outside the scope of ordinary property insurance. The crime-related financial losses can be very devastating for businesses, especially for a small business.

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